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my baby's in the white fluffy clouds

xe's miles above the desert, xe drops Shaymins down

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Name:Rax E. Dillon
Birthdate:Nov 5
Location:Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States of America
Website:Personal Webpage (woefully unupdated)
My preferred pronoun is they, and my gender is cactus. The second one is sort of a joke, but the first one isn't. Please use it. <3

Vegan desert creature with a simple color scheme: An assemblage, dissembling sometimes.

My bio was super out of date and I haven't fixed it yet, but this part is mostly still relevant:

I've been learning to do things with electronic music, particularly around DJing but also with some composition. You can follow some of that at my MixCloud.

When I'm not doing those things, I maintain a Crawl server (it's like NetHack, but harder), judge the Pokémon TCG, play Magic, collect Shaymins, cook for my friends, pretend I still remember how to play music, re-read Dubliners, play with my cats...

Oh, and I'm told I throw an excellent party. :)

(PS: If you're professionally googlestalking me, you might prefer my resume instead.)

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a single sentence about, all tomorrow's parties, alphabetical enough that it, appears properly right here:, buying new costumes gets, costly and i recommend, doing some sort of, exercise where you just, find an arrangement of, garments that you already, have that you've never, intertwined before and then, jazz it up with, kelp fronds or maybe, lilacs like you were, made of plants or, naiads; say it's an, oulipo sort of thing, perhaps that will raise, questions but you want, recognition after all and, so being associated with, trendy french poets and, unusual stylistic forms is, wonderful for picking up, xylophone players or whoever, you meet at these, zany goddamn soirees anyway.
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