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Hey all, I'm working on my annual end-of-year email (yes I know it's late) and am asking in advance: Would you like to get a 5000-10000 word email about my life? No is a fine answer, yes is a fine answer, "yes but I probably won't read it" is also a fine answer. If the answer is yes or yes-but-you-won't-read-it, and you don't already know you're on my mailing list, please let me know. The mailing list gets two to four messages a year with things like "I am moving to Arizona" or huge rambles about the state of my life that are too long for LJ/DW. No problem if you don't want to get them! Comments are screened so you can provide your email address if you do. Please actually give me your email address if you do this. :) I hope to have the email done in a couple of days? I'm... on the fourth section of my outline? ^^;; seriously folks these messages are long

Also, I know a lot of people missed the news because it happened while we were all like "AHHHH FINALS" or "AHHHH HOLIDAYS" or both, but there was a horrible typhoon in the Phillipines and relief efforts are ongoing. Here is a list of charities that come recommended by folks who have thought about this more than me (although it sounds like the Red Cross may not always be the best choice); it would be hard to go wrong with any of those. Alternately, if you are the sort to participate in fandom auctions around this stuff, [livejournal.com profile] help_mindanao over at this link offers the opportunity to either do things for people and have them donate to charity, or to donate to charity in exchange for people doing things for you. I'm currently in the more-money-than-time camp and haven't been able to look through it much, but if you're not, or want to encourage people who aren't to help out, this is a pretty great way! (Also, these cookies are liable to be great. Just sayin'.)

...it's supposed to be three things that make a post, right? Uh? You don't get a third thing, sorry. :)

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OK! So, not that you all necessarily care, but I have the move mostly planned out now. It will go something like this:
  • Ongoing: PAAAAAAACK
  • Ongoing: Make list of things to bring in van
  • Before Jul 20: Get one or two air mattresses
  • Jul 15: Rik arrives
  • Jul 18: Trailer arrives
  • Jul 18-20: Fill trailer with most things I own
  • Jul 20: Trailer leaves
  • In between: Prep food for travel for me, since I can't eat truck stop food at all
  • Jul... 21? 22? 23?: Start drive to Tucson, caravanning with Rik and me in my car and [livejournal.com profile] zanazibar and N. in their car. (There's a possibility we'll have another driver; we don't need to fly in like four people anymore, though, thank god.)
  • Next day: Arrive at house, unpack cats, crash
  • Jul 25: Trailer arrives
  • Jul 25-27: Unpack trailer
  • Jul 28: Rik flies to Seattle, I fly to San Francisco
  • Jul 29: Sit at Wicked Grounds or something and work all day
  • Jul 30: Wander SF with Krinn, maybe some social time
  • Jul 31: Drive from SF to Tucson with Krinn and her things
  • Aug 1: unpack Krinn's things
Yes, I am moving across the country and then immediately flying a thousand miles to help someone else move. Given the choice between awesome and reasonable, I will generally pick awesome.
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This is a test of this whole Dreamwidth infrastructure crossposting thing. I don't have time to do this for serious yet, and even when I do I plan on doing most of my reading and commenting through LJ, at least at first; it has the bulk of my friends, it has the bulk of my this-is-familiar feeling, and the things that pissed other people off about it don't bother me nearly so much. However, as per my new rule "When not adopting a social technology causes you to miss out on important information about people you care about, just adopt the social technology, Rachel," it was time. [0] After I move I'll be setting this up so that I get content from DW-only people on DW and still read everyone else through LJ. I prefer comments on LJ, not DW, and won't be doing the click-through-for-comments thing because I know that in just the last week having to use OpenID made me too lazy to leave a comment ten times. I figure if I'm that lazy, I shouldn't reasonably expect that of anyone else, ever. One benefit of setting up DW is that now I will have tickets when I click through to comment and won't have to run the OpenID rigamarole. 

If you're DW-preferred, you should totally friend rax.dreamwidth.org or whatever it is it's called over t/here.

[0] This is also why I have a Facebook account.

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