The Good:

Moving to the greater Boston area this fall or maybe winter, south of the city (probably like Braintree/Weymouth/Abington?), getting a place with my moirail Jay and their partner Kit. I'll be near so many of my friends, and my beloved partners Ruth and Saira, and just. It's going to be awesome in so many ways even if the path between here and there is very logistically dense.

The Bad:

There will be winter in Boston. Also, as the astute reader may have guessed, I broke up with Krinn. We're aiming to remain amicable but it's kind of tense right now. No further information on broadcast channels. <3
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So first of all it is pretty great to start my mornings to wake up at 5:30ish, work for an hour, and then go take a one to two mile walk, and then go back to work. Like, seriously. This lifestyle, I like it, even though it is ludicrously wholesome; it is just too warm for extended walking in the afternoon when I am done with work at 2:30 or so. Well, technically, Rik and I went out a couple of times even though it was in the 90s and did long walks, but we brought a ton of water and also I was kinda zonked afterwards. A mile or two in the morning is refreshing and almost upwaking like a shower would be, which is pretty great. I don't know if I will be able to spare the time for this when I am in school again, but on the other hand going to school gives me structured exercise in the process of biking there, so probably it is okay? And I will still have weekends.

I just got back from Boston, where my schedule looked like this:
  • Attend the first day of Steer Roast. (a party thrown by my old dorm every year, which does involve roasting a steer but I completely ignore that part; alums way older than me, as well as a lot of friends of mine from ten years ago, come back into town and we all hang out and it's awesome)
  • Skip the second and third days of Steer Roast to work on final papers.
  • Attend a conference for work, taking a training for advanced users of a software package I had never seen before; this was both really challenging and really rewarding, in that I mostly caught up enough to get a lot out of the training, even though there would be a lot more work to do if I were going to deploy this thing. But I have books, and a dev environment set up on my machine!
  • Spend two days catching up on work, seeing a small fraction of the people I would have liked to see, and having an extremely pleasant Providence double-date with my girlfriend, her wife, and her wife's girlfriend, during which we concluded that the worldBoston is extremely small as we all knew all of the others' friends in like four different ways.
  • Spend the greater part of the weekend bridesqueering [0], including both fun parties and a bunch of carrying stuff, and helping to make sure two of my dear friends wed without troubles.
  • When I wasn't doing that, three(!!!) people drove in to see me from different states, which was pretty amazing. [personal profile] outstretched  even did my nails! [1]
Okay so that was the Boston trip. Now I have this whole summer stretching out in front of me where all I have to do is work my job. I have a bunch of things planned, of course, but none of them are for school, and that is amazing. (I'll be talking about school in a different post.) My plans include doing some art, meeting more people in Tucson by actually going to events and doing activities [2], traveling a bunch (another wedding, Anthrocon, Pokémon Nationals, seeing Rik, work might send me to Singapore?), continuing to groove on how awesome living with [personal profile] krinndnz  has been, reading books that are not assigned by a professor, and spending a lot of time out in the desert. This plan is, I argue, pretty awesome.

In a bunch of ways I am still kind of getting back into my own head after the debacle that was my year in Indiana. There were awesome things there --- I met some great people, I learned a lot of things, I feel like some aspects of my lifestyle changed for the better --- but between the breakup and the overwork and the comparative loneliness, I sort of worked my way out of my head to go live somewhere more nebulous, and that's not actually what I want. One of the things I'm trying to do both in my academic practice and in my practice of living is to take myself more seriously as part of the process of taking others more seriously. It's had really interesting effects on how I think about species, which obviously is part of my academic project but at least as importantly affects how I interact with myself on a day to day basis. I'm not quite sure how to express this yet other than it's good. But... it's good? It's good.

Any of y'all have exciting summer plans? :)

[0] Bridesqueering: Like being a bridesmaid, a bridesmatron, a bridesman, or a bridesmotherfucker, but with one's gender or marital status expressed as some combination of "none of the above" and "none of your business." Unrelated to bridequeering, where you try to get the bride to make out queerly at the bachelorette party.

[1] You can see an awful picture here. It looks better in person, but even in this photo you can tell it matches my color scheme, and color scheme trumps gender stereotypes for what I do with my appearance, so I will probably keep doing this.

[2] other than Pokémon ^^;;

A bunch of people are like "Thursday? What are you doing?" I cannot see you all at the same time. EXCEPT THAT I CAN. 

Therefore, Mary Chung's, Thursday, 7 PM.

let me know if you plan to make it? but also just show up if you want <3
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  • I pre-ordered Pokemon Black and White through Amazon, so I won't get them until tomorrow evening. I really really should get all of my homework for this week done before they get here, because I know when they get here I am just going to start playing them (unless maybe I have a social thing on Tuesday?) and keep playing them until I get to Seattle, basically. I have three main things I have to get done, and some ancillary things I really should, but I feel like I am thinking through mush. Ugggggh. Is it unreasonable to take a nap at 9 AM on a Sunday? I might try that. 
  • My laptop is fixed! All I really lost was the one album and my notes from class on Wednesday. That's pretty amazing. And just in time, too, my wrists were already getting sore using my spare. Hooray for Applecare!
  • I'm going to be in Ohio for work tonight and tomorrow; I'm hoping that if I can't restart my brain here, the drive will at least kick it into gear and I can get some homework done at the hotel before I go to sleep. There won't be anything to distract me, at least! Though I always miss my cats when I have to sleep in hotels.
  • Speaking of cats, both cats now spend at least a little time on every floor of the house. This is amazing! I was in the basement watching ponies and Leo was on my lap and Selene was sitting on the floor and I was kind of speechless. Basically, CATS. <3
  • So looking forward to travel --- so looking forward to Pokemon --- so looking forward to the work I'm going to do on final projects this semester, even --- it's really, really hard to keep my brain focused on today and what I need to be doing right now. Usually I can just flip over to my tasklist and say "Oh OK, I can get to those things I am excited about if I just do these things," and that works. This weekend --- and to a lesser extent last weekend, come to think of it --- not so much. I can do the minor things, but stuff like "read a bunch of essays and write a paper," there's this whiny voice in my brain that goes "whyyyyyyyy?" Shut up, whiny voice. You get to play Pokemon in like two days. For some reason it's easier to do the things that aren't directly homework, so I am doing all of those first. Hopefully this won't lead to me having a completely clean house and alphabetized spices and neatly filed paperwork but desperately working on a paper Tuesday night at 11. ...although who am I kidding, my spices are already alphabetized. ^^;; But I could alphabetize the overflow spices in the kitchen island!
  • Another thing I am looking forward to: Spending like all of my non-scheduled time in the Boston area just sitting in the Diesel. Because oh my god. Diiiiiiieselllllllllllllllllllll.
  • ...yeah this post is an accurate representation of my brain right now.
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Unfortunately I'm (a) hosed and (b) crazy and so trying to schedule individual time with everyone I'd like to see is impossible. My apologies for being a flake are insufficient but you have them anyway. I will be doing two public get-together things:

Today, Wednesday, I will be at the Diesel from at least 6-10 and if my afternoon meetings stay cancelled quite possibly something more like 3-10. I'll be working and playing Pokemon. Stop by!

Saturday, at 6 PM, I will be having a dinner mob at Mary Chung's. Let me know if you're planning to come so that if there are going to be 20 of us I can make a reservation.

That's probably about it. I may also be at the Diesel prior to the Mary's mob on Saturday, but I cannot promise this. It is more likely if they replenish their stock of vegan cookies. *grumpy foxkitty*
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Hi all!

I'll be in the greater Boston area from Aug 6-15, both for work and for two weddings. Here's my current schedule:

Aug 5: Fly in late. Probably head to RI.
Aug 6: Likely spending the day in RI with my family, pending being able to get a day or two off that week.
Aug 7: Maybe more RI, maybe up to Boston to see people.
Aug 8: Wedding the First.
Aug 9: Work, book group in evening
Aug 10: Work
Aug 11: Work
Aug 12: Work, Poker Night
Aug 13: Work, rehearsal dinner for Wedding the Second.
Aug 14: ???
Aug 15: Wedding the Second.
Aug 16: Fly back to IND in the morning.

This looks like a lot of time but it actually isn't. :/ There will clearly need to be a Mary's mob in there somewhere, Wednesday may be crowded since the week prior is the Week of Tuesdays, maybe the 14th sometime? Or I guess the 12th would work as well in between work and poker. (I am gonna be hella bedraggled dragging myself in to work on Friday. But I can't not go to Poker Night.) If anyone has other suggestions, I'd appreciate them; also, while I'm comfortable getting around on foot and by train, if anyone has a bike I could borrow, that would be awesome. Maybe I should ask Tyler if I can rent one?

Oh I should get my hair re-pinked (just a dye job, the cut's fine for now) and buy something worthy of bridesmaiding in, too. If I'm feeling really adventurous, maybe I will let my mother take me clothes shopping. ... Maybe. :)
My thesis defense will be at 2 PM on Thursday, May 6 at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. I believe it will be in Wheatley Hall room 6-047 (on the sixth floor) --- it's open to the public, so come on by. It should take around an hour, and you will get to hear me read from my fiction and maybe from my essay. I'll take questions. They will probably get snack food but forget that I am vegan. Unfortunately, my thesis advisor will not be attending, so you will not get to meet her if you come, which I encourage you to do if you feel like it.

A few of you will be able to collect a complete set of my thesis defenses if you come to this and are willing to fly to Indiana in six or seven years. This probably unlocks an achievement, though I don't know that it's worth much. :)

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