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Hey all, remember how I used to post notes on readings I did? I'm gonna try to do that sometimes again for things I am doing notes-aside on rather than notes-annotated. Don't expect quite as many as last fall, but hopefully these are still interesting to a few of you!

Critics occupy a position both inside and outside of the public. )

I have to write a four-to-five page summary and discussion leadin of the readings for this week, which include:
  • Stefan Helmreich, "Species of Biocapital"
  • Michel Foucault, "Right of Death and Power over Life"
  • Kaushik Sunder Rajan, Biocapital: The Constitution of Postgenomic Life (chapters 0,1, 2, 5)
These notes will come from all of those texts and are meant primarily for me to distill into this short paper. If it gets really long (or I don't finish reading it all today) there maywill be a part 2 later. As always, feel free to read along and I hope they are interesting, but these are 90% for my own reference.notes )


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Abstract: Core idea of this paper is that firearms diffusion into and through the Gonarezhou area of South Eastern Zimbabwe has been going on since 1500, and seeks to describe the "deep involvement of African users of firearms in the diffusion process" despite "essentially negative impact." (201)
Human beings could not inflict this harm without technology. )

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This week's TST readings were all about the body politic and the way this idea (specifically, Hobbes's Leviathan) did or did not work out in practice, using examples like trans surgeries, self-demand impairment, blood banking, organ sales, mayhem law, and so on. It was pretty awesome, but because of being behind schedule, I didn't take detailed notes. Sorry. If you have interest in any of those topics, poke me and at some point I can suggest some readings for you. (Also, Foucault's lectures are downright readable!) These detailed notes are on the paper I'm presenting on in class, and are on a work by an author I realllllllly need to read more of. [0]

We have perversely worshipped science as a reified fetish in two complementary ways: )
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How does a man's love of other men become a love of the same? )

[0] I probably want to use this in my final paper too: "furries don't [necessarily] want to pass, but they can't help it."

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I've read this book before, but I need to write an 8-10 page review of this book for a class this weekend, so I am re-reading it and taking notes. My current plan is a summary that contextualizes it with some other work (in particular Fear of a Queer Planet), two pages on the introduction, one page on each of the chapters, and then a conclusion that suggests where it influenced future work and might influence work yet to be done. I think this will work out pretty well, and should land me solidly in 8-10 pages. So these notes may not be terribly useful if you haven't read the book, but I do recommend this book, especially the introduction, which is solidly grounded in real life and the real problems of real people. Also this sort of reading is going to take me ages and I am going to write more than one post.
Preface and Introduction (that's like 75 pages) )

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