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So I am done with all of my homework for the week as well as optional reading and it is only Sunday. I thought about doing next week's homework but for a variety of annoying reasons it's not clear what that _is_ and so instead I am posting my seitan recipe. WITH PICTURES. I took most of the pictures in Indiana so you will be getting pictures from multiple kitchens. How cool is that? I argue: Pretty cool.

Okay so this recipe is based on the Seitan O' Greatness recipe and various versions that flew around the vegan internet in the mid to late oughts. If you can eat nightshades you might even prefer one of those --- they use chili powder and tomato paste and the consistency is a little different, and they work quite well. However, I can't eat those things, so this recipe doesn't include them. Also, while you probably already know this, be warned: While this can be tweaked to fit most sets of allergies or dietary restrictions, the main ingredient is gluten. If you can't eat gluten, DON'T EAT THIS. If you are a little gluten-sensitive but you can manage soy sauce on things just fine or whatever, DON'T EAT THIS. It is basically pure gluten. Uh, sorry. :)

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Jun. 20th, 2011 10:04 pm
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Made an offer and accepted a counteroffer on 2565 E Prince, Tucson, AZ 85716. (Google's knowledge of the place is busted; Zillow's is not.) Barring the inspection going terribly or something, I'll be moving around July 22. They're unwilling to fix the hot tub, which needs some repair. I WILL SURVIVE EVEN THIS. (by fixing the hot tub myself because HOT TUB) Seriously, for a tiny amount more than my house in Bloomington, this is just... whoah. It has a fig tree. I am going to sit in my yard by my koi pond eating figs from my fig tree. How will this be my life. Oh did I mention that the master suite is two stories tall and the second story has a library with stained-glass windows and a deck that looks out on the mountains? Because it is and it does! ...it doesn't have a door but who's counting. ;) (I might just put up a bead curtain, because cats. Whatever, we will work it out.)

Oh, and speaking of awesome, it looks like my girlfriend [livejournal.com profile] krinndnz  is going to be joining me there, if not immediately after I move, within a month or so. This is a huge thing and an awesome thing and a little scary and we're really excited to be doing it. There will be two rooms for housemates; one of them will probably be [livejournal.com profile] zanazibar and the other one... we have no idea yet! Clearly we need to find a fourth furry gender theorist. I'm sure Tucson is large enough that it will have another one. ;)


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