rax: (Rarity had the most horrible day!)

Lost my phone between the airport and Ruth's house. It's probably in the cab? I don't know where else it would be? I called the cab company and asked and they hung up on me, and I had someone text the phone with my email address and an offer of money. I think other than calling the cab company back tomorrow morning and hoping to get someone who's less of an asshole, that's about what I can do? It looks like there are other things I could have done if I had thought of this in advance?

I would really, really not like to get another phone right now.

I guess I should check outside and then go to sleep.

Edited to add: It rang a bunch, then twice it rung once or twice and then hung up, then it went back to ringing forever. Someone found it and silenced it. Whether they'll contact me or not, I don't know. :(

laptop dead

Mar. 2nd, 2011 10:27 pm
rax: (But Fluttershy is _afraid_ of dragons!)
My laptop died. Because I am me, I have a spare laptop, however it doesn't have all of my config and the keyboard is terrible and I had been in the middle of editing my tasklist, literally, when it crashed. So I won't be reading LJ or DW or doing anything that isn't on my colo machine for the next while.

I last ran a backup on Monday. That's... pretty awesome, really. The only things I'll lose will be an REM album and my notes on the pokemon double battle team I was working on. Oh and my notes from class today. That one's actually annoying.

This eee keyboard is terrible, so that's really all I have to say here. I'd been having a really good couple of days, too! Hopefully that will continue, just with some technical inconveniences.

AIM lives on my colo machine, feel free to poke me there.

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